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Re: debian freezes on boot

> > --Mike
> Hi, i only installed the sarge from scratch with the original kernel
> 2.6.x my videocard is the rage 64 not 128, my mac is that old lol, i
> installed the system, but its when i reboot on the HD for the first
> time, with yaboot and shit, that is where is freezes, sorry i should
> of made myself more clear, i'm not that great at explanitions i hope
> you can figure something, and by the way i tried your thing you said
> about linux video=ofonly it did screw up
> Anyways thanks for your help, and time, if you have a miracle
> solutions, just let me know 

Well, I'm not sure if debian's kernel has the early boot text console
enabled (they should, but who knows ...) but if yes, you should
definitely see some messages before it breaks. I would need to know


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