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Re: CVS orinoco.c 0.15rc1: Monitor mode broken for Agere 8.xx firmware

Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
Hi all

Reading the wireless thread from a few days ago I tried to find out
what's possible for an orinoco wireless card on a Titanium IV for
monitor mode. Short version: It doesn't look good.

As to the wireless card I have:

Actually it seems to be impossible to find out exactly which one I
have on this machine. Even the logs here are relatively quiet on that
save telling this [ Excerpt]:

 kernel: airport: Airport at physical address 80030000
 kernel: divert: allocating divert_blk for eth2
 kernel: eth2: Station identity 001f:0001:0008:0046
 kernel: eth2: Looks like a Lucent/Agere firmware version 8
 kernel: eth2: Ad-hoc demo mode supported
 kernel: eth2: IEEE standard IBSS ad-hoc mode supported
 kernel: eth2: WEP supported, 104-bit key
 kernel: eth2: MAC address 00:30:65:28:E4:78
 kernel: eth2: Station name "HERMES I"
 kernel: eth2: ready
 kernel: airport: card registered for interface eth2

All I know is that it's an Apple card. And no: I will not open this
machine now ... :)

So according to kern.log I have installed
Lucent/Agere firmware version 8.70

But the CVS version 0.15 for orinoco.c clearly says I'll be out of luck
with it [Excerpt]:

* v0.15rc1 -> v0.15rc2 - 28 Jul 2004 - Pavel Roskin & David Gibson
 *      [ ........ ]
 *      o Monitor mode disabled on Agere 8.xx firmware - it's broken.

Full version:
The, as it seems, patch for the driver above also says it'd only help
if the "0.15 drivers work with your firmware":

Scroll down to:
"Orinoco Driver Patches for CVS/0.15RC2"

So all one probably could try is patching the current 0.13
orinoco.*/hermes.* sources with the patch from
"Orinoco Driver Patches for 2.6.9 & 2.6.10 &"

I bypassed the firmware check and got it working with Agere 8.4. The problem
is that after a bit of time in monitor mode the firmware crashes.

The first patch I posted works like a charm even though it's considered old
code. I used it for over a year and never had problems with it.


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	- Albert Einstein

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