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Re: ***kernal panic on starting Appletalk services***

On Wednesday 02 March 2005 20:02, Kim Cascone wrote:
> this doesn't work either...I can get to the yaboot prompt but when I
> type in 'linux single' or 'single' or other permutations I get a no
> such file or directory

Try pressing tab instead, and see what happens.

> but when I type in /dev or some path its gives me a 'Not a valid ELF
> image' which means it is able to see a path to something bootable...?

No, it means it can read the partition, which it can.

> I need a recovery mode...is there a recovery mode available from the
> Ubuntuppc.iso?

I don't know. Although people say 'ubuntu is debian', it is not.  I'd really 
recommend either using debian, and asking here, or using Ubuntu, and asking 
their mailing lists/forums.

Sorry to sound a little harsh.

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