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[Netboot] Ethernet Driver on 1.8GHz G5?

Hello all,

thanks to Shyamal's tip, I can now boot my G5 into Linux from my MacOS
hard disk (using yaboot, and Sven Luther's netboot power4 kernel image).

I'm now blocked with the Ethernet driver: debian installer can not
detect automatically which ethernet card my G5 is using, so it asks me
to pick a driver. I've tried sungem, sungen_phy and bmac, with no
success. Debian installer brings me invariably back to the driver menu.

Does someone know which driver I should use? Within Mac OS X, I only
know that I'm using the "built-in" ethernet card, with no extra info.

Thanks in advance!


> I think you need the power4 variant of the netboot kernel
> http://people.debian.org/~luther/d-i/images/daily/power4/netboot/
> Cheers!
> Shyamal

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