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Re: CD problem: hardware or software?

On Friday 29 July 2005 08:26 am, Hendrik Boom wrote:
>On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 08:16:06AM -0500, Daniel Ramaley wrote:
>> I'm running testing on a PowerPC (a Mac Mini to be precise). I have
>> an external CD drive that i am using to rip my CD collection (i'm
>> using an external to avoid wear and tear on the more expensive
>> internal drive). The problem is that after bootup i can rip CDs for
>> a little while (where "a little while" ranges from 1/2 of a disc to
>> 10 discs, usually towards the lower end of the range), but then
>> errors start showing up in dmesg and on the console. The only way to
>> resume ripping is to reboot the computer; detaching the CD drive,
>> power cycling the CD, and reconnecting it to the computer doesn't
>> fix the problem. If i reboot the computer and power cycle the CD
>> drive, the problem is fixed and i can resume ripping right where i
>> left off (which implies to me that the problem isn't with the discs
>> i've been ripping).
>Could something be overheating?  You could perhaps try putting the
>external drive in the refrigerator for a few minutes, but not long
> enough that condensation can become a problem.  Then take it out and
> see if it works any longer.  It is an external disk, after all.
>Of course it could be another part overheating, such as the USB
> interface inside the computer, which is harder to refrigerate.
>I had problems like this with a video card a while ago.  It turned out
>that one of the cooling fans was clogged with dust and not turning.

Thanks for the quick response. I'll look into cooling issues with the 
drive, though i suspect that isn't the problem. The external enclosure 
that the drive is in is very new. The cooling fan runs great and isn't 
clogged with dust yet. I can try running it with the lid off to see if 
that makes a difference. The drive itself is a few years old; it is a 
36x that i pulled from a machine at work that we were sending to 

I was actually having the same problem on a different machine running 
the same software, using the same external drive. The other machine was 
a G3 iMac, which shouldn't have heating issues with the USB or Firewire 
interfaces since there is more room for air circulation. So i suspect 
that the problem is either with the external drive or with the 

Dan Ramaley
Digital Media Library Specialist
(515) 271-1934
Cowles Library 140, Drake University

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