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Re: cahnging debian version

On Sunday 24 July 2005 12:15, Paolo Pantaleo <paolopantaleo@gmail.com>
(<[🔎] 83e8215e050724111518d3c263@mail.gmail.com>) wrote:

> I read on "Debian Reference" how you can update a debian installation
> along the path:
> stable->testing->unstable
> 1) can i do it? 

Yes.  Before you do, read about security update policies for 'testing'.

> 2) how can i do it?

1) Edit /etc/apt/sources.list
     change sarge (or stable) to etch (testing);
2) Run  aptitude update
3) Run  aptitude upgrade
4) Run  aptitude dist-upgrade

Note: Substitute 'apt-get' for 'aptitude' if desired.  Season to taste.

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