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Re: can't switch to virtual console

irenna@gmail.com wrote:
> I'm not sure if it's debian or keyboard or X issue,but however...I'll
> really appreciate your help.
> I'm using Debian testing with 2.6.11-rc3 kernel,every time when the
> mashine boot I'm logging into the X server,and after this I can't
> switch anymore to the other virtual consoles using Ctrl+Alt+F1...F6.Do
> you have any idea is there an option in the kernel configuration I'm
> omiting,or anything that I had made wrong?

Do you have the DontVTSwitch option in your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4?

,----[ man XF86Config-4 ]-
| Option "DontVTSwitch"  "boolean"
|   This disallows the use of the Ctrl+Alt+Fn sequence (where Fn refers to
|   one  of  the  numbered  function keys).   That  sequence  is  normally
|   used to switch to another "virtual terminal" on operating systems that
|   have this feature.  When this option is enabled, that key sequence has
|   no special meaning  and  is passed to clients.  Default: off 

Thomas Weinbrenner

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