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Re: Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC

On Sunday July 31 2005 00:50, Paul Scott wrote:
> on sid I am getting on trying to start Apache2:
>  Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC
> and
> Can't load Perl module Apache2
> I have both packages installed which contain Apache2.pm according to
> http://packages.debian.org
>  From much Googling I understand this is because of name changes in
> Apache2.  Is there a Debian solution to this?

mod_perl2 had a rather radical change in its API sometime in the late 1.99x 
releases which actually removed the "Apache2.pm" module and created the 
Apache2 namespace for sub-modules (before, Apache2.pm redirected the Apache 
namespace to Apache2). If you have written any code for mod_perl2 or if 
you're using any packages which need it, you'll need to fix your code or get 
updated packages.

Here's the description of the problem along with some advice on how to fix 
your own code:

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