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Re: debian package to cut subtitles?

El 18/07/2005, a las 21:31, Vegard|drageV escribió:

I need to cut some subtitles (they belong to a movie wich is too large
for a CD-R).

If you have a movie (MPEG4 or so) with *encoded* subtitles, there are no means of "removing" them, they are part of the image. If you rip a DVD, then you can just leave out subtitles and/or choose a different resolution/bitrate to achieve your space requirements.

For DVD ripping, I read somewhere that the optimal quality is obtained at 0.2 bits per pixel (you have to multiply by framerate, height and width to obtain actual bitrate) for MPEG4 and 0.16 bits per pixel for AVC.

I have cut the movie with avidemux. On aviudemux' pages
there are mentioned some programs wich can cut subtitles:

Avidemux can split audio from video, but almost surely subtitles are already hard-coded into the image.

GtkSubtitler, GsubEdit and KsubEditor

Are any of these a debian package?
If so wich line do I have to add to sources.list to get them?

marillat's repository has plenty of video software, one for all "transcode".

If none of these are available through apt, is there another program
that cuts subs?

As already said, you cannot cut subtitles from a MPEG4 file with image-coded subtitles, they are just part of the image. You can transcode with lower bitrate and resolution, you can downgrade audio and other things. You'll achieve a lower total bitrate and maybe it will get into 700 MB.

Using sarge,
Thanks, Vegard

You're welcome.


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