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Re: Debian is slow on the Network

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 15:02:19 +0000
<nicolas.kosmalski@alemtid.asso.fr> wrote:

> I use a java application on a window computer, which do a request to
> my debian computer; the time to give an answer is nearly the 25sec.
> It's the same thing if i do the request from all the computer to my
> debian. But if i do the request to another computer it's fast!
> The time to show a prompt for a telnet to my computer is long too but
> (near 5 sec.)
> The ping is classic to the window computer (~0.30 ms).
> I am a alone debian on a LAN composed by a lot of windows and one AIX.

I've had this problem with a friend's LAN. Once his family's windos XP
computers hit the LAN, the linux machine would SLOW way down.

Never did find the cause.

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