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Re: copy-ing an image.iso from a dvd: how to?

On 7/22/05, steef <steefvanduin@zonnet.nl> wrote:
> hello list,
> what <command-line>  program do i need to make an exact copy/back-up on
> my hd , under etch, of an image.iso_file on a dvd for the Xbox of my
> youngest son?
> i tried dvdrip, backupdvd but could not get an image-copy from the dvd
> 'segmentation-fault'.
> (my son told me his Xbox-dvd's seem all to be image-files)

1. I have no idea what etch is
2. it seems you're saying the dvd already has an iso image file on it
which seems silly to me so I'll assume I'm reading it wrong

I'd do it one of two ways I can think of:
time mkisofs -o image.iso -R -J /media/cdrom
time dd if=/dev/dvd of=image.iso


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