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Re: Can't install KDE in Sid

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> Hi All.
> I've been building a partition on my laptop for Sid (with 40 GB
> available one might as well play, right?) and I'd really like to run
> KDE.  However whenever I select KDE, libglu1-xorg is shown as broken. 
> The description says:
> * libglu1-xorg conflicts with libglu1 (provided by xlibmesa-glu
>   4.3.0.dfsg.1-14)
> * libglu1-xorg conflicts with xlibmesa-glu
> So, am I to assume that this is a bit of the pain associated with
> moving from XFree to Xorg and it will be sorted out in a few days?  Is
> there any way around this or do I just wait?  It looks like trying to
> force the issue causes the removal of xbase-clients and more including
> kdm!
> If nothing else, I'm appreciating the relative calm of running testing
> all these years by stepping into the turmoil that is unstable.  :-)
> - Nate >>

You can not judge the "relative calm" of testing verses Sid based on
this time period. The xorg thing is a major change. I have found Sid to
be more usable than testing over the past several years --- but there
are times that I do not update until the dust clears. This is one of
those times.

Ubuntu's development branch has broken the xserver daily for weeks on
end. I have fixed x countless times as I help test. Who knew it was this
much trouble to change x-servers? I did not. They are trying to make it
more "modular" to make it better in the long run. I guess we will like
that some day way in the future.

Good luck.

Regards, Joe

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