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Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC

Nicos Gollan wrote:

On Sunday July 31 2005 00:50, Paul Scott wrote:
on sid I am getting on trying to start Apache2:
Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC


Can't load Perl module Apache2

I have both packages installed which contain Apache2.pm according to

From much Googling I understand this is because of name changes in
Apache2.  Is there a Debian solution to this?

mod_perl2 had a rather radical change in its API sometime in the late 1.99x releases which actually removed the "Apache2.pm" module and created the Apache2 namespace for sub-modules (before, Apache2.pm redirected the Apache namespace to Apache2). If you have written any code for mod_perl2 or if you're using any packages which need it, you'll need to fix your code or get updated packages.
I presumably can follow the instructions below but I am running sid and have the latest packages. I just installed the new libapache2-mod-perl2 that showed up after I sent my first post and it is still broken. What updated packages are you referring to? I have no non-Debian code that uses mod-perl.

Here's the description of the problem along with some advice on how to fix your own code:
I had seen that and will reread it but was wondering if there was a Debian package solution.



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