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Re: CPU fans shut off by Debian?

On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 10:49:16AM -0400, Stephen Lokitz wrote:
> Well, the same result happened with our Knoppix test, the fans stopped and 
> the system overheated.  I assume at this point it either has to be 
> hardware or linux non-compatible.  We are going to return the system to 
> the vendor for a different system entirely.  If anyone else has any 
> suggestions in the next 24 hours we would certainly try them.
> 	Thanks for your help,
> 	Stephen

Hi Stephen,
I think you should go on #debian and see if you get any hints. Baring
that I think such a serious problem that neither knoppix or your debian
confiuration can solve, you should see more experienced help on say
debian isp or debian devel list. (or check the debian site for other
more focused lists). There will be (or was) other who want to use the
hardware. Someone higher up the food chain should know about such a
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