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Re: debian based compatible distros

Hi Rodney,

there are to many out there so name them all (Ubuntu. knoppix etc.). have
alook at www.distrowatch.com and see what I mean.

Keep in mind that even if you use a debian based distribution lets say f.e
like Ubuntu then you will have perhaps a better interface & some gadgets
in the first place, but you will run into dependency problems at a later
stage (that is if you mix repositories ;-)

Knoppix could perhaps be interesting for you if you also consider the many
variations which are setup for firewalls, penetration testing etc.

Best regards

Nils Valentin
Tokyo / Japan

> Am looking for suggestions of debian 100% compatible distro's.
> I see one for the desktop called Zen. I am also looking for a distro for
> a gateway which would include standard gateway stuff like dhcp, squid,
> firewall etc.
> I'd like them to be upgradeable using standard debian sources. I guess
> they should be called, pre-tweaked debian distros..   :)
> Suggestions?
> --
> Highest Regards,
> Rodney Richison
> RCR Computing
> http://www.rcrnet.net
> 118 N. Broadway
> Cleveland, OK  74020
> 918-358-1111
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