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CUPS remote printing problem

I have an HP PSC 2110 working locally with foomatic and CUPS back end.
When I try to print remotely the CUPS web interface returns with:

"Print file was not accepted (client-error-bad-request)!"

I find these entries in /var/log/cups/error_log:

E [01/Jul/2005:00:13:09 -0400] print_job: No file!?!
D [01/Jul/2005:00:13:09 -0400] send_ipp_error(0x403b7008[5], 400)
D [01/Jul/2005:00:13:09 -0400] Sending error: client-error-bad-request

I can print to another system with CUPS/IPP (non HP) printer on the
same network.  I tried to remotely print to the HP from a second system
and hit the same problem.

A google search indicates it might be an hpijs/gs interaction, so I
tried different versions of gs without success.  The solution in the
archived message was to switch drivers, but that was for a woody install.

Thanks for any help.

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