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Re: Cd writing tool under Linux

On 7/19/05, alonso_dominguez@interlogical.com
<alonso_dominguez@interlogical.com> wrote:
> Wim De Smet <kromagg@gmail.com> wrote:
> > normal user access to recording devices has been broken many times in
> > the past by changes in the kernel API. It often doesn't work reliably
> > and therefore it's safer to run K3B as root. If you're in a multi-user
> > environment that's not an option, but if you're the administrator and
> > you know what you're doing I wouldn't see why not
> Why not using a 2.6.x kernel? This kernels have its own hardware abstraction
> layer daemon (hald) and I think it is very useful in this cases. I use that
> kernel version on my PC and I can write CD and DVD images using normal users
> accounts, I didn't try to do so on a remote machine with a multi-user
> environment but I think it must work too.

I was actually talking about 2.6 kernels. The new security model that
was introduced a while back broke this compatibility for quite a while
with cdrecord.


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