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Re: CD/DVD drive not in /dev/

> I have just started to get Ogle working, when I discovered
> that my DVD/CD drive is not showing up in /dev/. hdb is there (which
> is my hard disk).
> Note that this is not a SCSI or SATA system - plain vanilla EIDE.
> I know the drive works: I installed the base packages with it! I can
> continue to boot up with it! Can I get anything to see it however?
> $ ls /dev/hd*
> /dev/hdb /dev/hdb1 /dev/hdb2 /dev/hdb3

Hm, that's strange that the device files weren't created.  But it's no
trouble to create them.  I just hope that it doesn't mean there's some
problem with the drive.  But that will be clear once you're using the

You don't say which IDE channel your CD drive is on, and whether it's master
or slave.  IOW, should it be hda, hdc, ...?  

What does ls /proc/ide say?  Look for a drive there that's not hdb.  The
kernel sees your drive iff it's listed in /proc/ide.

Supposing you find, say, hda there, then creating the necessary device files
is easy.  As root, run

cd /dev

This will create all of the necessary /dev/hda* device files.

Note that it's not a good idea to put your hard drives and optical drives on
the same IDE controller.  The optical drive is much slower and will slow
down the whole channel => your hard drive too.  If all you have is one hard
drive and one optical, put them on separate IDE controllers, e.g. primary
master and secondary master.

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