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Re: can't switch to virtual console

Hey ho,

> I'm not sure if it's debian or keyboard or X issue,but however...I'll
> really appreciate your help.
> I'm using Debian testing with 2.6.11-rc3 kernel,every time when the
> mashine boot I'm logging into the X server,and after this I can't
> switch anymore to the other virtual consoles using Ctrl+Alt+F1...F6.

You don't mention the relevant specifics, such as what video card you have,
or what actually happens when you try Ctrl+Alt+F1.

I can only say that I've been having the same kind of problem on and off
for several years with my Nvidia card. Sometimes I could switch to console,
then later I could switch, but it was all gibberish, still later it just
made my monitor go out of sync etc. etc.

Lately, however, someone pointed me to the vesafb-tng patch [1], and it
seems to have solved all my problems. :-)

So if you're using an Nvidia card too, I'd say give it a go.


[1] http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/vesafb-tng/

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