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Re: configure postfix

Khanh Cao Van wrote:

>I've installed postfix and then go to the /etc/postfix change some
>option on it . But the main.cf did not contain all information as
>usual . I could not find out the :
>home_mailbox =
>relayhost =
>relay_domains =
>.... and many more . .. 
>Please tell me where are those option ?
Correct me if I'm wrong.
AFAIK /etc/postfix/main.cf only list some basic config for basic
use purpose.
You have to add it / edit it manually to have "unmentioned" config
in main.cf
Execute "postconf" (wo. double quote) to see configuration available
and actually already running with default value.
If you need to change it then write it down to your main.cf

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