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Re: cdrom installation not starting

Marty Landman wrote:

Heh, replying to my own msg. I'm installing from the HD as I write this. Fortunately there were three partitions on the windoz installation so i copied the cd over to D:\ and am installing on C:\ with the swap partition on E:\. Now the installation program is running off of D:\ and it's using the cdrom as installation media.

So my question is, when installation's done how do I incorporate the old windows D:\ partition into my Debian system? Not dual boot fwiw, just Debian.


Easiest thing would be to move some directory, e.g /home, to /dev/hda2 (or whatever d: resolves to), and then... mount /dev/hda2 /home. Somewhat more involved would be using partimage to image your new system, then repartitioning and restoring the image.


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