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Re: courier-maildrop & mysql support!


On 3 Jul 2005, at 22:38, h2t-nl wrote:

Hello guys,

Somebody in the community that can help me with the maildrop package
that support Mysql?
As far as I know the present courier-maildrop version (0.47.4)
doesnt=B4t support this!
Has somebody already compile this package to support mysql?
BTW I am using Debian Sarge distri.

Any help will be appreciated.

hok Hie

The Debian maildrop packages don't support MySQL or PgSQL at all. At one point I simply recompiled the maildrop package with MySQL support, but I've recently started using (also self-compiled and patched) Courier 0.50.0 with its version of maildrop which uses courier-authlib. That way I can have my IMAP, POP3 and maildrop all set up from the same configuration file. This is all currently driven by a MySQL database, but my plan is to move it to PostgreSQL shortly.

Let me know if you're interested!


Chris Boot

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