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Re: cahnging debian version

On Sun, 2005-07-24 at 20:15 +0200, Paolo Pantaleo wrote:
> I read on "Debian Reference" how you can update a debian installation
> along the path:
> stable->testing->unstable
> but, it is not clear: if i want to turn a stable version in a testing version
> 1) can i do it?
> 2) how can i do it?

I wouldn't call it a update, upgrade, but a version change.

Take a look at the apt manual, it explains how apt works.
/etc/apt/sources.list is the location where you should change anything
to head to unstable.

Check the aptitude/apt-get instructions/manual even further.

aptitiude update && aptitude dist-upgrade

pay attention, and do some reading before you start!

Good luck,


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