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Re: Can you launch URL from email client?

En/La Benjamin Sher ha escrit, a 19/07/05 02:06:
> Dear friends:
> Just did a complete, FRESH INSTALL of Debian 3.1. From scratch. Complete 
> reformat and installation. I did it not just for Kmail but because of a 
> number of unrelated issues.
> First thing I did was to check the URL in Kmail. Guess what? It shows the 
> exact same bug as before: First you see the damn download box, then Konqueror 
> launches, sits there for a good long time, then you can see "25%" in the 
> status progress bar, then you see the text and outline of the site and 
> finally the site itself, with all its images, downloads. The exact same 
> sequence of events as before in my earlier Debian 3.1 installation and, 
> before that, in Scientific Linux 4 (a derivative of RHEL 4).
> When I looked under Component Chooser, I saw that no browser was chosen 
> (option 1: depending on content). Since Konqueror failed, I chose Epiphany, 
> tested. Works fine in launching a URL in Kmail.
> And, once again, if you launch it from the console, you get the exact same 
> error message. 
> sher@Mindspring:~$ konqueror
> konqueror: ERROR: Error in BrowserExtension::actionSlotMap(), unknown action : 
> searchProvider
> sher@Mindspring:~$
> Yet, konqueror launches normally and when you type a URL in 
> this console-launched Konqueror, it shows up immediately, i.e. normally.
> That's where things stand. 
> Thank you.
> Benjamin
Hi Benjamin,
I don't use kmail so I can't help you there. I'm running a 2.6.8 kernel
(etch) and use Thunderbird as my email client. Clicking on a url in an
email message brings up epiphany with the page loaded correctly. There
is a TB extension called "launchy" where you can specify which browser
you want the url to load in.

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Thank you.

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