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Debian kernel source and compiler

I'm running Sid -- up-to-date except for a small number of held and broken
packages -- and have two questions about kernel source and compiling.

1) I have previously gotten, built, and used Debian's kernel source
   packages, such as kernel-source-2.6.10 and kernel-source-2.6.11.
   In the last few days, aptitude shows a new source package,
   linux-source-2.6.12.  It is the only (non-virtual) package whose
   name begins with 'linux-source'.

   Do the Debian kernel source packages use a new naming convention or
   is this new package a vanilla kernel (or something else)?

2) GCC 4.0 is now the default compiler series.  When I run 'make menuconfig'
   or 'make-kpkg kernel_image', I get a large number of warnings -- these
   warnings are not generated by GCC 3.3, so I have modified the top-level
   kernel Makefile to use gcc-3.3 and g++-3.3.

   Should I use GCC 4.0 for compiling the kernel (and ignore the warnings) 
   or continue to use GCC 3.3?


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