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Re: configure postfix

On 2005-07-02 @ 09:01:33 (week 26) Khanh Cao Van wrote:

> I've installed postfix and then go to the /etc/postfix change some
> option on it . But the main.cf did not contain all information as
> usual . I could not find out the :
> home_mailbox =
> relayhost =
> relay_domains =
> mynetworks_style=
> .... and many more . .. 
> Please tell me where are those option ?

If it is not explicitly set in main.cf, then you are using the defaults.
You can find out what those defaults are by issuing "postconf -d".
Parameter not set to their default values can be found by issuing
"postconf -n". Read the postconf manpage for the details.

A couple of weeks ago I promised to put my
postfix/dovecot/amavis/spamassassin/sasl notes online, but trouble at my
job (which I have now quit, because two captains on one ship isn't going
to work) and a whole shipload of other things that took precedence
prevented me from making good on that promise. I'll try to correct that
somewhere in the coming weeks (my apologies to Dave and Ernst-Magne).


Grx HdV (the now ex-security officer of a Dutch university)

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