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Re: Debian is slow on the Network


 my ARP table is not very full, it has only one entry! (i'm not sure
that's logics!)
I add the connecting host into mt /etc/hots, and it goes well. i find
that very strange...!
                                                   Thanks to your help.

>On 7/28/05, nicolas.kosmalski@alemtid.asso.fr
><nicolas.kosmalski@alemtid.asso.fr> wrote:
>> The time to show a prompt for a telnet to my computer is long too but
>> (near 5 sec.)
>It should be a DNS issue. Try adding the connecting host to the
>DNS or to /etc/hosts
>> I saw on the web that it could be a host name resolution problem. but i
>> dont think so. (the host name resolution is fast when i connect to a
>> website).
>It doesn't matter. The server needs to resolve the address of the connecting
>> The problem is essentially on the local, the internet connection seems to
>> go well.
>Also check if you're ARP table is full. It happens once in a while
>when there's a virus or the local network has too many hosts.
>(fake ARP requests fill out the ARP table with incomplete entries).
>Try "/sbin/arp -an |  wc -l" and if you get more than 200 lines (or so,
>i don't know what the exact turning point is) you might have to play
>with the Kernel's garbage collection parameters for the disposal of
>ARP addresses.
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