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Re: cahnging debian version

On Sun July 24 2005 11:15 am, Paolo Pantaleo wrote:
> I read on "Debian Reference" how you can update a debian installation
> along the path:
> stable->testing->unstable
> but, it is not clear: if i want to turn a stable version in a testing
> version

> 1) can i do it? 


> 2) how can i do it?

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change "stable main" to "testing main" or 
"unstable main". Then run "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade". Think 
twice before going to testing (leading edge) or unstable (bleeding edge), 
once upgraded you can't go back to stable without reinstalling. Also comment 
out the security.debian.org line from sources.list. There are no security 
updates in testing or unstable. There are updates but they take time (more so 
for testing) and they don't come from the security team.

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