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Re: CD problem: hardware or software?

On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 08:16:06AM -0500, Daniel Ramaley wrote:
> I'm running testing on a PowerPC (a Mac Mini to be precise). I have an 
> external CD drive that i am using to rip my CD collection (i'm using an 
> external to avoid wear and tear on the more expensive internal drive). 
> The problem is that after bootup i can rip CDs for a little while 
> (where "a little while" ranges from 1/2 of a disc to 10 discs, usually 
> towards the lower end of the range), but then errors start showing up 
> in dmesg and on the console. The only way to resume ripping is to 
> reboot the computer; detaching the CD drive, power cycling the CD, and 
> reconnecting it to the computer doesn't fix the problem. If i reboot 
> the computer and power cycle the CD drive, the problem is fixed and i 
> can resume ripping right where i left off (which implies to me that the 
> problem isn't with the discs i've been ripping).

Could something be overheating?  You could perhaps try putting the
external drive in the refrigerator for a few minutes, but not long enough
that condensation can become a problem.  Then take it out and see if it works
any longer.  It is an external disk, after all.

Of course it could be another part overheating, such as the USB interface
inside the computer, which is harder to refrigerate.

I had problems like this with a video card a while ago.  It turned out
that one of the cooling fans was clogged with dust and not turning.

-- hendrik

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