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Re: Debian kernel source and compiler

[edited for brevity]

On Saturday 23 July 2005 15:39, Gayle Lee Fairless <fairless@HiWAAY.net>
(<[🔎] 42E2B921.0@HiWAAY.net>) wrote:

> Jules Dubois <j6bqszk02@sneakemail.com> wrote:
>>   Do the Debian kernel source packages use a new naming convention or
>>   is this new package a vanilla kernel (or something else)?
> The linux-source-* is the new convention because hurd will be a future
> choice [...]
>>   Should I use GCC 4.0 for compiling the kernel (and ignore the warnings)
>>   or continue to use GCC 3.3?
> It appears that you should use gcc 3.3 for 2.6.12.

For those who might be  interested, I built a "Custom" kernel from the new
linux-source-2.6.12, using GCC 3.3, a slightly modified kernel Makefile,
and make-kpkg.  It builds properly, installs properly, and works properly.

> If I understood the comments, gcc 4.0 will be used
> for later versions (probably starting with 2.6.13).

I'll cross that bridge when it comes to me.  Thank you for your assistance.

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