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[no subject] "activating" changes to /etc/group "firing up" DocBook (was Re: Star Office) "startx -- :1" suddenly fails but "startx -- :1 -dpi 75" works in woody? Re: #! syntax ${shlibs:Depends} problem 'apt-get install' warning 'dselect'-like tool for Solaris? 'setxkbmap dvorak' not working 'stretched' screen in X? 'w' info suddenly in 24hr time. (no subject) (OT) - Static electricity grounding device? .bashrc .forward .startx & ximian-gnome .Xdefaults not read? / is suddenly 100% used /dev/mixer missing /etc/chatscripts/provider /etc/cron.daily/find /etc/network/interfaces file /etc/passwd /etc/rc.d/rc.local under Debian? /usr/bin/man and /etc/man config on debian 2.2 potato stable /usr/share and multiple versions /usr/share/wallpaper, where to!? /var getting full Re: /var getting full-SOLVED! /var/log/wtmp was corrupted 1 linux box: 10 simultaneous telnet sessions 1. gpm and Gnome / 2. console login<->graphical login Re: 2 Woody probs: Cron wants mrtg, and apt-get error 2 Woody probs: Cron wants mrtg, and apt-get error Re: 2.4 kernels, modules_install 2.4 Loopback file system mounts 2.4.2 Hates me :-( 2.4.x kernel on a current woody machine 2nd try: OT: Removing forwarders in named.conf Re: 3c905/network problems 3com 3c905c question 3com 3c90x drivers 3dfx & openGL? what do I need? (kernel 2.4, X 4.x) 593964 <no subject> CD player: kscd error / how to mount audio cd´s? Intel® V.90 modem chipset driver for Linux ? Re: ? [linux books] ?!: 2.4 kernels, modules_install [ abiword does not find fonts] [ X4 Feedback] [ ] Re: [FIXED] kernel compile problems [Fwd: Got it working!!! More questions!] Re: [ic] Debianized version of Interchange-Any tips or tricks Re: [ISTA] confused on CIPE tunneling, please help Re: [ X can't find font 'fixed' and I'm going nuts!] [ Re: Other c++ coded wm than blackbox?] [OT] _("STRING") notation [OT] Cool *nix/GNU/FS/Perl/FSF/etc. Caps? [OT] Cordless MouseMan Optical [OT] how do I use xmess? [OT],4586,2694630,00.html [OT] Linux palmtop computers? Re: [OT] mutt colors vs. TERM types [OT] napster login failures... [OT] OpenGL Experiance [OT] postgresql triggers [OT] Power off on Shutdown using ACPI and kernel-2.4.x [OT] running a PIII with no fan? [OT] Slovak for StarOffice [OT] spam filtering with exim Re: [OT] tuning kernel memory usage [OT] vmware / boot floppy Re: [OT]Can someone help me understand these mail headers? Re: [PLUG] ram tests Re: [q] apt-get source .. [semi-OT] Creating new fonts [Semi-OT] Mixer for OPL3-SA2 sound card? [solced:] is there a way to use find and rm together? [SOLVED:] strange postgres7 php4 problem [SOLVED]Re: reinstalling tk ? [ XFree4.0.2 upgrade problem] Re: [xine-user] xine not work Re: [Xpert]Problems with SiS 6326 AGP in X 4.0.2 [ X error] _Very_ strange problem with compiling _X11TransSocket UNIXconnect: errno=111 AARGGGHHHH! no X in Woody Re: about apt-get About burning multisession CDs with gcombust/mkisofs [OT] About NFS -NIS Absolutely REAL MONEY!!!!! Accented chars are replaced by ?'s Access & Permissions acroread won't print Adding Second Card adressbook recomendation ADSL ADSL Cont. Re: AFS/Heimdal/Debian Re: after 'su -', 'Can't open display' RE: After Debian install, XMS and HIMEM errors prevent Win95 laun ch. Re: After Debian install, XMS and HIMEM errors prevent Win95 laun ch. After Debian install, XMS and HIMEM errors prevent Win95 launch. Again,, installed base from floppies & can mount pcmcia cdrom AGP Card SiS 6326 ah1542 scsi CD probs, deb potato AIM-compliant IM w/ proxy support allowing ordinary user (non-root) to run apt-get...dpkg... alsa & kernel 2.4 on potato alsa driver alsaconfig question about Sound Blaster PCI 16 AMI RAID Express controllers Anacron schedule Annoying gpm logs anoying flash in vi antialiased fonts in kde Antigen found VBS/SST.Worm (CA(InoculateIT)) virus Re: Antwort: Rebooting is foolish .... Re: Any gotchas with kernel 2.4.x and Debian? Any mod_ruby users? odd behavior of scripts any problem with security. and Any problems with this hardware? anyone else experience buggy APT-GET anyone have a epson stylus photo 870 working? anyone playing DVDs? Anyone successful w/Genpower & Tripp lite UPS? Anyone using cdrdao with success ? Anyone using SoundBlaster 16? / better card? Re: Anyone using SoundBlaster 16? / better card? -noway, good card apache and cgi-bin Apache mod_perl + mod_cgi in same directory apache not running cgi-scripts Apache-SSL error at start Applying colors to Netscape Applying kernel patches apt cache clean apt get install of red carpet apt problems and why? apt question apt source for KDE Apt, Debconf, and Perl. The last update was on 08:29 GMT Sun May 24. There are 5744 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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