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Re: apt question


Mixing packaging system is considered bad practice.  I think it is best
not to do.  Alternative is dual boot Linux if it is not dedicated
production server. (If serious server, just set up another backup

Install debian and transfer data (mount partition or NFS) to migrate.
Debian without GUI&TEX&DOC can be smaller than 200MB.  

I actually used swappable IDE to migrate from RH to Debian.  This way,
no way to screw up original working system.


On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 12:14:46PM -0500, F. Heitkamp wrote:
> I have a mostly working Linux setup that I have maintained and
> upgraded over the years using sources I've compiled and installed.
> I want to use apt so that I can test and checkout various applications
> and can remove them easily if I no longer need, or don't like them.
> How can I tell apt/dselect not to mess with the base system?

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