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Re: Anacron schedule

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 09:12:33PM +0100, Erdmut Pfeifer wrote:
> as there is /etc/crontab for cron, there is a /etc/anacrontab for anacron.

Indeed. Except the /etc/anacron specifies frequency (how many days
apart should something be done) and delay (how long after anacron is
invoked shoud something be done). The /etc/anachron file does *not*
run anacron just after 7 am every morning.

> The suggested "test -x ..." lines in crontab are just to disable those
> entries temporarily while anacron is installed. This way, if you decide

So, /etc/crontab is NOT where anacron is invoked. Somehow anacron is
invoked around 7 am each day. If it's not in /etc/crontab, where is

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