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Re: apt question

> I have a mostly working Linux setup that I have
> maintained and upgraded over the years using
> sources I've compiled and installed.
> I want to use apt so that I can test and checkout
> various applications and can remove them easily
> if I no longer need, or don't like them.
> How can I tell apt/dselect not to mess with the
> base system?

Perhaps by telling dselect, capt or dpkg to put some packages on hold?

> What would really be nice is a gui program that
> you could just check off the packages that you
> don't want touched or upgraded.  I know that 
> probably doesn't exist, but just being able to
> do it manually would be nice too.

Although dselect or capt might not be considered GUI it can put packages on 
hold quite easily.
There is also the command line option with dpkg. There was a discussion today 
on debian-devel mailing list how to do it from the command line.

> Also is there a option for dpkg that just lets
> you test a package?  I sometimes download .debs
> and would like to know if they downloaded OK.

I never did it and I might be wrong here but it seems to me this can be 
achieved by computing the MD5SUM of the downloaded package and comparing it to 
the number that is published by the package should do it.

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