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Re: Anacron schedule

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 12:19:07PM -0600, Judith Elaine Bush wrote:
> I've edited /etc/crontab to change the time (ana)cron runs its daily,
> weekly, and monthly scripts. They still seem to run after 7 am and not
> at 5:25. The system has been rebooted since the crontab change (not my
> fault!), so any and all daemons have been restrted since the change.
> I am a little confused about the structure of the crontab command that
> refers to the daily, weekly, and monthly cron schedules. Since anacron
> is installed on my system, 'test -e /usr/sbin/anacron' returns
> 0. Thus, since the second command only runs IFF the first command
> returns a non-zero status, it seems that these crontab entries don't
> trigger anacron or the run-parts. (And then the
> /etc/cron[daily|monthly|weekly] all have 0anacron scripts that seem to
> run run-parts on the self directory.
> Between my change making no difference and closely examining the
> crontab entries, I am now left puzzled where anacron is scheduled to
> run when the system is up for over 24 hours.

as there is /etc/crontab for cron, there is a /etc/anacrontab for anacron.
See man anacron[tab] for the details...

The suggested "test -x ..." lines in crontab are just to disable those
entries temporarily while anacron is installed. This way, if you decide
to uninstall anacron, the crontab entries will automatically be
reactivated, without you having to edit any config files.


Erdmut Pfeifer
science+computing gmbh

-- Bugs come in through open windows. Keep Windows shut! --

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