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Re: /var getting full-SOLVED!

Dale Morris wrote:

> this is an easy one, /var was being filled by apt-cache and cleaned up by
> running apt-get clean

Actually, /var/cache/apt is both filled and cleaned by apt-get.  As I
understand it, apt-cache is for querying and manipulating the contents
of /var/lib/apt/lists.

And yes, whoever named the apt utilties needs to be slapped.  My
favorite example of their poor naming is using apt-get to remove a
package.  That's a bit like using the start button in Windows to
shutdown the system.

And isn't it funny that there's no "apt" binary?  You'd think that with
a tool named "apt" the actually frontend would be named "apt" also.

Oh well.  I didn't write it and I'm not contributing code, so I guess I
can't complain too much.

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