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Re: apt question

I am sure you have enough space on HD (like swap).

Just do not overwrite current system.  Even if you try to hold them with
dselect, you have broken dependency.

You really need to install new base system.  (anything less will get you
into trouble.)

1.  Make space somewhere on HD.  (move files and unmount partition)
2.  Install minimum debian potato to new disk partition.
3.  When invoking dselect, using _ to exclude EMACS, nvi and TEX.
    Or anything looks big but you do not need to start.
    (Nothing personal.  Just too big for initial root)
4.  Mount existing other partitions and get passwd etc. transfered.
5.  Add needed programs.  Such as vim and mc.
6.  mount /home

Gradual migration with dual boot is my suggestion.  Always maintain
working system.  Be safe than sorry.

Slack and debian uses different uids.  Just make consistent.  I heard
debian can use same uid range as slack.

Good luck.  Osamu

> >Even if original poster started with one of Debian, he seems have
> >installed binary programs without debian package. (If he started with RH
> >or Slack, things are worse.)
> It was Slackware eons ago.  I've converted it to be more like a Debian
> system.  I'm using a Debian or SysV style init setup.
> I am new to Debian.  I have a Debian setup on another partition I've be
> playing with.
> >If these programs are needed and can not be replaced by Debian ones, my
> >best bet is to make private package with higher version number and
> >install it to the clean system with dpkg -i,  I think.  Just like kernel.
> What I don't want to happen is to have apt decide to install the base
> system, because right now it thinks there is no base system installed.
> I understand that, normally one would want the packaging system to have
> complete control of the system in order to avoid mismatched versions etc.,
> but it seems there could be cases where one might  want to override the
> packaging system decisions
> Fred
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