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2.5.xx RE: 3 button emulation / got X up 7300 NAT/Firewall Re: 7300 NAT/Firewall, AsanteFAST 590 NIC module? 9500MP won't boot adb french canadian keyboard ADSL problem with Kernel 2.4.18 airport card on iBook2 Anacron, pmud and on_ac_power Anyone here with experience with mod_dav and iCal??? Automatic snooze on idle? AW: Running the Xserver at an Apple Workgroup Server 7250/120 Bash commands bi-G4 1.25Ghz Boot Floppies ATA100 for PPC? Re: Bug#167234: Problems XFree86 + NvidiaGeforce 2 MX400 twinwiev + Apple Studio Display 15' CallerID with Apple onboard (usb) modem. Re: can I use video=imsttfb? can I use video=imsttfb? [was: what is the video=ofonly kernel argument] Cannot open AMP device: File exist Can somebody please test to see if bug #153564 is gone? chessy frickin keyboards. CHRP booting problem (43P-150) compiling kde 3.0.3 date is 1934 on reboot Debian and B50 Debian and Radeon 8500 Re: Debian GNU/Linux on a TiBook III webpage - still more questions Re: Debian GNU/Linux on a TiBook III webpage (Work in Progress) debian on 4400 Debian on Apple Network Server 700? Re: Debian on Apple X-Serve "debian on ibook" pages - final Debian pppc 7300 & LaserWriter 4/600 debian's on ibook documentation updated debian with pcmcia on powerbook 1400 Debian wmaker packages with menu transparency support deskwriter driver, or set up deskwriter setup success WAS: Re: deskwriter driver, or set up /dev/dsp can't be opened dmasound_awacs.c, tas3001c.c Document updated: Installing Debian on an iBook2 .DStore ext3 issue on powerpc with benh kernel FrameBuffer-Xfree86 question fvwm_2.4.10-2_powerpc.deb corrupted or buggy? [Fwd: Re: Bug#121335: Please add the Toshiby keybounce fix] G4 Cube CD Eject Garbage in a virtual console german keyboard ibook2 Get the iBook2 german keyboard running (X)... how play MCDs on Cube G4 How to get rid of modem "garbage" ... ibbok2 700 sound problems after wakeup IBM Power Series 600 / 6030 iBook2 600 Sound iBook2 (700Mhz-14") : XFree very *very* slow ibook2 radeon & dri iBook2 screen resolutions iBook install: failing to see hard drive Ibook/TiBook performance/battery life iBook time with both MacOSX and Debian I can't make work the ethernet with 2.4.20-pre11-ben0 kernel ieee1394 some problems. iMac XF86Config-4 and no screens I made a manual for the IBM B50 Install CD won't boot Cube Re: Install debian on powerbook 3400c install from MacOS install on 6100/66 Is my CD image corrupt? I've messed up yaboot, it won't boot linux or OS X Java WAS: [Re: Debian and Radeon 8500] kernel biG4 1.25 Kernel panic : VFS : unable to mount root fs Key repeat (kernel Bug?) looking for ibook2 xfree86 help Re: m3mirror for iBook 2 ? m3mirror on TiBook3 missing list mail - test mol - 3 little problems mol muted when alert sounds mouse button emulation keycodes Mozilla Flash Plugin (was Re: Mozilla Plugins) Mozilla plugins New at this Re: newbie tiBook questions new iBook2 install guide NO sound on powermac G4 Re: (NV) EE: Cannot read bios (5) Openoffice mirrors and my apt-get problem 1.0.1-5 is a no go Re: on PPC and dependency on libstdc++4 Re: OranegMicro USB/FW PCI card on beige G3 OT: Major Networking Problems (OT)more than 2 ide devices ? OT: Mysql problem OT: Re: Mozilla plugins Packages question Re: [patch] pwrctl with cpu speed throttling PCI PCMCIA adaptor wierdness PCI versions that work in an 8500? Please build and upload openmotif PowerBook G4 III and Airport PowerMac 9600 and imstt driver Re: PowerPC Problem Power PC Woody Prob - dselect -apt-get ... preparing for an install Pre-release of the updated document published. Re: Presentation with Free Software Presentation with Free Software (was: Re: url for m3mirror) Printing with CUPS Problem installing 2.4 kernel on powerpc Re: Problems with kernel 2.4.20-pre11-ben0 Problems with kernel 2.4.20-pre11-ben0 (worked fine) Problems with latest rsynced benh kernel and make modules_install Problems XFree86 + NvidiaGeforce 2 MX400 twinwiev + Apple Studio Display 15' Re: RETURNED EMAIL Right clicking & pasting in X Running the Xserver at an Apple Workgroup Server 7250/120 Screen garbled - Was :Re: Kernel panic : VFS : unable to mount root fs scsi emulation Searching for a tool to sync iBook2 with workstation Short battery life on Powerbook Prismo sid XFree packages status compared to Daenzer's ones SIOCGMIIPHY for sungem slapd : install error SOLVED: Re: OT: Mysql problem Sonnet G4 800 in 1st gen PCI mac + linux ... Sound on g3 beige 233 sound on pismo Suddenly smelling powerbook Sys. Backup using a firewire Lacie 24x CD burner traxdata CDR4120 Troubles booting with external SCSI HD umlinux Fwd: unofficial packages for powerpc available unsubscribe unsubscrive unsupported apple hardware and darwin url for m3mirror usb mice USB support on oldworld G3 only with BootX extension useful links The last update was on 20:12 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 603 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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