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Re: bi-G4 1.25Ghz

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Fred Heitkamp wrote:

> I have similar problem in that I have a ATTO SCSI card that is
> not supported in the Debian install kernel as well.  I have built
> working kernels myself though.  How hard would it be to
> edit the CD image a put a kernel that works for me on it?

there's a more easy way to perform the installation.
copy the kernel yaboot, yaboot.conf and  ramdisk on an HFS partition of
your IDE drive.

eg for yaboot.conf
   init-message = "what you want\n"
   timeout = 50
   default = install

   # replace NUM with the correct value.

boot the machine under OF, and boot the linux installation using
boot hd:NUM,\yaboot


je suis en train de pouffiner ma conf sous SUSE (distrib
intéressante.... :-) et j'envisage de tester ensuite  la
RH 6.0, juste pour voir...
-+- OP in GLP : bien pouffiner sa conf ou le contraire -+-

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