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Re: Cannot open AMP device: File exist

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 02:11, Katsumi Matsumoto wrote:
> I am trying to put my powerbook g3 (wallstreet) to sleep but seem unable 
> to.  

The Macs don't use APM. They use CUDA (older models) or PMU (newer
Have you got /dev/pmu/ ? If so, then get and install
pmud, pmud-utils, (gpmudmon-applet), powerpc-utils

You really don't need to use any APM tools. But there is an APM
emulation option in newer kernels so that those tools work, too.
But You should install the pmud (PMU-daemon). that does everything you
need like sleeping when you close the lid and so on ...

Bye, Claas

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