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Re: fvwm_2.4.10-2_powerpc.deb corrupted or buggy?

On Fre, 2002-10-04 at 08:54, Peter Canning wrote:
> Thanks for the hint.  That was the problem (my /usr partition was full).
> I'm so used to being swamped with "out of space" message when a program
> tries to write to a full filesystem that it didn't occur to me that that
> could be the problem.  I'm a little surprised apt-get/dpkg didn't
> respond to this situation in a more user-friendly manner.

It's called a bug. ;) Please report it, if it hasn't already.

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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