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Re: m3mirror on TiBook3

> I changed in the latest configuration:
> _ Set Power management support for PowerBooks
> _ Set APM emulation
> _ Set Backlight control for LCD screens
> Looking at the aty128fb source, I found:
> static int default_crt_on __initdata = 0;
> static int default_lcd_on __initdata = 1;
> #endif
> So, I thought that CONFIG_PMAC_PBOOK was important (it wasn't set),
> but I found nowhere how to set it with "make menuconfig", except by
> enabling some of the PowerBook features above.

You should have set these config options anyway if you're compiling for a
TiBook... The backlight control is the one that switches on

m3mirror does not poke the r128 registers itself but asks the kernel to do
so. You can try to write a version of m3mirror that does the register
tweaking itself (minus supervisor mode instructions) by taking the
appropriate code from the kernel sources. At least it worked for the
mach64 M1...


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