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Re: Automatic snooze on idle?

> > }But is there a way to put the machine into snooze, when it is idling
> > }for a given time? I think that it should check for input devices' idle
> >
> > I think pmud already does this, but last I heard if you have
> > ext3 it won't (because the journal flush is seen as real activity).
> Well, here it does not. And the man pages and the documentation does not

Nor should it. pmud will not just lower the CPU clock rate (on the more
recent machines where this is possible) but power off as much of the
peripheral devices as possible and put the processor into power save mode.
This will halt all processing, and I'm quite sure this isn't what most
people expect to happen when they don't type away on their laptop for a

pmud will alter the disk powersave settings (spin down on idle) depending
on power state. That's what might fail to work out with ext3 due to
continuous disk activity.

I'm sure you can find a way to monitor keyboard and mouse activity,
measure system load average and munge all this to decide when to put your
laptop to sleep (these thresholds depend on what your typical workload is
on the laptop, and sure vary a lot between users). A little bit of perl
hacking should be all it takes to test this (calling snooze in the end, or
talking to pmud directly).


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