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Re: ieee1394 some problems.

On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, BuG wrote:

> On (09/10/02 17:45), Eric Deveaud wrote:
> Did you enable SCSI Support, SCSI disk support and SCSI generic support
> while compiling the kernel?

Yes as the firewire disk are maped as scsi drive I include the SCSI
support either as modules either compiled in the kernel, but in both
case I have no luck with the Lacie disk.

> I have a firewire CD-RW and it works perfectly. Initially I used to
> compile these options as modules and it was a little bit unstable, now I
> have them compiled in and I can't report any problem.

I guess I'm close to succes ;-) but I'm also guessing I miss an obvious


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