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mol - 3 little problems

I've got the latest mol working with the 2.4.18 kernel, including networking
and sound.  But there are three nagging little problems which I would appreciate
some help with:

First, I only see the icon for the startup disk initially.  The other disks appear
to be mounted because they show up in disk first aid.  If I verify a disk with
disk first aid, the icon then will appear on the desktop.

As a workaround, I have made aliases of all disks and copied them
onto the startup disk.  Then opening the alias causes the icon to appear on
the desktop.  I had to do the same thing for the MOL disk image.  That's fine
for a workaround, but it is certainly not normal MacOS behavior.

Second, MacOS does not seem to recognize CDs, even though they are mounted
and I get the icon on the desktop using the workaround described above.  For
example, Warcraft II BNE will not launch, but only prompts me to insert the
CD, which of course is already mounted.  In the molrc file, I have the default
declaration  blkdev:  /dev/cdrom  -cd.  What else is there ?

Finally, as I reported in an earlier post, the sound works only until there
is an alert, at which point it becomes muted, and stays that way until I exit mol.
For example, If I open up the SimpleSound control panel, and click on, say,
"indigo" or "quack",  sound is immediately muted, an all I see is the menu bar
flash from then on.

Sound and the CD are both important for gaming, which is obviously a big
reason for having mol in the first place.  Has anyone else experienced any
of these problems?  I could definately use some input at this point.


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