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Re: [patch] pwrctl with cpu speed throttling

>> It's all right. I don't have problems putting it to sleep, just under X
>> the screen goes noisy just before going asleep.
>> Previous reading on the list told me this is not mine defect only,
>> do it?
>Maybe - but it's neither a defect in pmud nor XFree for all I can see. It
>may be a problem in the kernel fb driver, or the normal side effect of the
>display powerdown sequence (which is defined by the kernel fb driver,

What do you mean by "going noisy" ? A known problem when going
to sleep is XFree leaving the display in some strange state (looks
like it restores the mode & depth registers to what they where when
it got entered but leaves the framebuffer to it's X content, thus
displaying garbaged display). This is just a cosmetic problem.

The kernel driver itself kicks in very late in the sleep process
and starts by shutting down the backlight.

There is a known problem sometimes with the backlight going down,
then back up, then back down on sleep, I'm not sure what's the
cause, I suspect it's related to either X doing a screen blank
or the console subsystem blanking stuff that tries to kick in
early during the sleep process.


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