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Re: 7300 NAT/Firewall, AsanteFAST 590 NIC module?

Pilot error. The 2.4.18 kernel supports this card. After some fun with
route, and figuring out which card is eth0, eth1, eth2 (always essential), I
have it running.

On to firewall configuration/translating my OpenBSD ipf/ipnat config files!


> At last! Using the BootX method from a Mac OS 9 HFS partition, I've
> installed woody with 2.4.18 on my 7300.
> The installer was able to use my AsanteFAST 590 PCI NIC. But the installed
> kernel doesn't work properly with it. Does anyone here know what module I
> have to load to make the card work? (... assuming that's the issue)
> -B...

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