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Re: m3mirror for iBook 2 ?

On (27/09/02 10:22), Vincent Bernat wrote:
> >> The only progress is that now if I attach the external monitor to my
> >> iBook the monitor comes out of sleep mode, whereas before putting the
> > My iBook2 cannot drive it separately, but it can video mirror. When
> > I attach an external monitor and run m3mirror I get the screen, but
> > with ripples running through it.
> Do you have the latest iBook2, i.e. the one with ATI Radeon ?

I have a PowerBook G3 (so, ATI Rage 128) and I usr m3mirror to mirror
the display to an external LCD monitor (1280x1024@60) and it works
perfectly. I think you need to set up a second Screen section on 
XF86Config-4 specifying the correct HSync and VSync.

Previously I used the same Screen configuration and what I got was a
fuzzy display.


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