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Re: Openoffice mirrors and my apt-get problem

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 08:48:44PM +0200, Roland Wegmann wrote:
> Hello
> I am really keen on running Openoffice on my iMac. Some weeks ago I tried out 

OF: What does "keen" mean? (I am French)

> all the mirrors on http://www.linux-debian.de/openoffice/mirrors.html. 
> Unfortunatelly I always got error messages (Err ... Packages 404 not found). 
> I never had any problems with all the entries I ever used in my sources.list.

I am not sure if this list is uptodate. The problem is that OO is an
ogre on bandwith so it is certainly hard to get and keep good nirrors.

Last time I have used :
   deb ftp://ftp.uninett.no/pub/linux/packages/openoffice-debian unstable main contrib

And it tooks me multiple try to update my apt db (apt-get update) and
also multiple try to install OO because the server limit the number of
simultaneous users.

> Then I was looking for help in different Mailinglists in order to solve the 
> problem, but I had no success. As a next step I decided to install woody from 
> scratch and only with the kde-package and the x-window-system-core-package, 
> hoping it will solve the problem. No succes again!!!

I guess there is no links between kde and the difficulty to get OO.
And with a debian system you should have no reason to reinstal your

> And now here I am, again, with some questions. Does apt-get accept entries 
> for woody, testing at the same time? And if yes, what could cause this 
> malfunction using this inoffical openoffice mirrors? I found a lot of people 
> using this mirrors without any problem.

It depends because sometimes significant changes enter testing and then
the packages depending on that become incompatible with woody. I don't
know the curent status but you can read earlier in this mailing list
that the libc has been upgraded at least in unstable (so it has or wil
happen in testing) and perl too.

> By the way: When i installed kde I got a message because of missing 
> /etc/network/interfaces entries (up route ..., down route...). Could this be 
> the reason for my apt-get problems?

If you have "deb ftp:..." or "deb http:..." lines in your
/etc/apt/sources.list file then you need a network link. Usually network
is configured in /etc/network/interfaces, except for dialup. 

Hope this help,

> Kind regards, Roland
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