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Re: New at this

On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 11:45:50PM -0600, S. Wendel P. Schultz wrote:
> Well, I have an "old world" PowerPC 8600/250 and want debian on it.  I have 
> 160MB of RAM, so I figure I'll have a pretty decent little box.  I have 
> downloaded the first installation .iso and cut it; I don't know where to go 
> now.  I can't figure how to get it to boot from the CD I made.

I used the boot floppies at

I made floppies from them using DiskCopy and started the install with
the boot-floppy-hfs.img floppy.

After that the install is very similar to x86, except the "make system
bootable" option uses quick for oldworld macs (instead of lilo or grub
on x86).

You will probably want to make an 2.4 kernel quite soon. I suggest
getting familiar with make-kpkg (in case you aren't already).

Plenty on stuff should be in the archives of this year: me asking all
kinds of questons.

Have fun,

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